Sussex Business Awards Interior Design – 2019 Finalist

Interior Folk is proud to announce that Emma Kewley is a finalist in 2019’s East Sussex Women in Business Awards. Nominated for the creation of the very successful Brighton boutique hotel; a graceful rebuild and refurbishment of a Grade-2 listed building in Kemptown, Brighton.

The award nomination is for the collaborative work of Emma Kewley, Interior Designer,  Linda Turner, Architect and Ruthie Martin, Visual Artist. Our team was established to work on the new hotel design. Since its completion, The Charm Hotel has been very successful and the hotel owners are now expanding into other areas in Brighton.

The hotel business in Brighton is very competitive so it was important to set out a vision that was distinctive and one which would have the greatest appeal for the target clientele. Our aim was to the create, not just another boutique hotel, but one which was unique for Brighton as well as one which fulfilled all our clients’ requirements for luxury, comfort and style.

In order to make sure that our overall vision remained intact, it was important that we made all our design ideas fit together in a cohesive way. This was achieved through working closely together and focusing on the different components of our practices which complemented each other.

Whereas most of the construction work was undertaken by male contractors, the leadership team was female. The uniqueness of this is reflected in the way we worked together. Our mutual empathy meant we could work more collaboratively than we would on other projects. The good understanding between us as women enabled us to play to each others’ strengths and to provide each other with sounding board advice. It allowed us to make decisions collectively and easily reach consensus when this was necessary.

Emma Kewley noted “We offer a holistic approach considering all aspects of design right from the start and balance aesthetics with practicality, producing inspiring design that is also a pleasure to use.   We love Art and bring that passion to all our projects, often working closely with Artists from the start of the project.   We did this on The Charm Hotel Brighton working with Ruthie from the start of the project to form the design direction.  We love to collaborate with other designers and makers and enjoy working as part of a team to create a special space.”

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