Beach House Interior Design Tips

coastal interior design

Are you designing your dream beach home?  Avoid these common pitfalls to make sure your home is well designed.

Interior Folk are excited to be designing several coastal homes in the UK and abroad and whilst it is a joyous job there are several major mistakes you need to know about and avoid.  We are going to share our tips to help you enjoy your build and get the most from your beach side property.

Here are my 5 key tips to consider when designing your coastal beach home.

Plan Your Layout

You need to consider your feature, the view, which should take centre stage.  Ensure you spend time on this crucial stage. Make the most of what you have.   Consider if your living or dining room can be an indoor-outdoor room.  Keeping floor levels and their finishes consistent extends your living space and ensures you will enjoy being outside.  Don’t over design the interior and let the view do the talking.

coastal living style

Choose your Materials

Exterior materials need to be durable and sympathetic to their environment but don’t underestimate the effect of UV damage to your interior finishes and furniture too.  You will need to protect them through screening, on the outside is a popular option for Mediterranean homes such as shutters, motorised louvre blinds and awnings.

Internally selecting materials that reflect the location of your home gives your design provenance and heart.  Our current Mediterranean home design we are using earthy textures and a calm palette which is harmonious with the locality.   The main living space uses natural stones like limestone and warm bronze finishes on furniture.   For the kitchen and bathrooms we have selected ceramics tiles both glazed and unglazed to add texture and interest.

coastal villa mood board

Don’t forget Ventilation

Don’t fall into the trap of just installing doors onto the garden or balconies as they make it really hard to control the ventilation.  You need some windows too.  Don’t forget that living next to the ocean means wind too and if you have open doors that will make your doors bang, your blinds rattle and your interiors dusty. Windows help provide ventilation but control the amount of sea breeze you let in.


Consider Windows Treatments

You have maximised your glass so you can enjoy the ever-changing backdrop and you might not be overlooked but don’t fall into the trap of ignoring window treatments.  We always advise clients to make provision for window treatments even if they think they don’t want them.  Several of our clients have moved into coastal homes without blinds.  A few months later they have reported to us that the glare and the solar gain is too uncomfortable to live with. Having some form of sheer at the window has the added benefit that your floors, rugs and furniture have protection from UV damage which will lead to fading.

interior designer brighton

Don’t fall into the Nautical design trap

Create a modern coastal mood but don’t use too many stripes and nautical references.  This can cause your home to feel like a holiday home rental and not your very own dream home.

coastal colour mood board

I hope these design tips help you make your dreams come true, every single day that you wake up in your beach house. If you would like to discuss your project do get in touch, we would love to hear about it.